Howard Fox Memorial Law Scholarship Fund

The fund is in memory of Howard Fox who was a member of the Berks County Bar Association and an attorney in the Public Defenders Office at the time of his accidental death.

The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to graduates of Berks County, PA, high schools who are entering their second year at an accredited law school, who demonstrate financial need, without discrimination to color, race, national origin or religion. No descendants of Leonard Quittner or M. Robert Ullman may be scholarship recipients.

To be considered for this scholarship, submit this application between January 15th and April 4th. All applicants will be notified in April.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a graduate of a high school located in Berks County, PA?
  2. Will you be entering your second year of law school?
  3. Are you a descendant of Leonard Quittner or M. Robert Ullman?
  4. Name of law school you are attending
  5. List all colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools previously attended on a full-time bases. Include the dates you attended and the degree earned, if any, and your major. Include the law school you are currently attending.
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