Educational Improvement Tax Credit/Berks County Scholarship Tax Credit Fund

Applications for the K-12 Education Improvement Tax Credit Fund for the 2020-2021 school year will be accepted from May 15, 2020 through May 31, 2020.

Applying for a scholarship is a 3-step process: STEP 1) you must first complete a General Application (i.e. select K-12 Tuition); STEP 2) you must next complete a Conditional Application (i.e. in this step you will answer general questions about yourself); STEP 3) you must complete an application for any specific opportunities where you feel you meet the application requirements — in other words, remember to apply for the specific tax credit scholarship/s that you are eligible for and want to be considered for, following the completion of your General and Conditional application.

This fund was established to provide scholarships to financially needy residents of Berks County who pay tuition for students to attend grades K-12 in public or private schools in Pennsylvania.

An eligible student is a school-age student, including an eligible student with a disability, who is a resident of Berks County, who is enrolled in a school located in Berks County, and who is a member of a household with an annual household income of not more than $90,000, with the exception of an additional income allowance of $15,842 permitted for the student and for each other dependent (as defined by the IRS) living within the same household.

With respect to an eligible student with a disability, multiply the sum of $90,000 plus the allowance (s) of $15,842 per student and dependent, by the support level factor of 1.50 if the student is not enrolled in a special education school or by the support level factor of 2.993 if the student is enrolled as a student in a special education school. To be considered an eligible student with a disability, the student must meet the following criteria: 1) is either enrolled in a special education school or has otherwise been identified as a “child with a disability” as defined in Title 34 CFR 300.8; 2) needs special education and related services; 3) is enrolled in a school; and 4) is a member of a household that does not exceed the maximum annual household income.

All applicants will be notified by the end of June.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must first click the Sign Up button in the top right corner to create an account. If you already established an account, click Sign In to proceed with applying for a scholarship.

Note: This program is not fully supported when using Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Microsoft Edge as your browser to use this program. Also, we recommend you do not attempt to complete an application using a cell phone.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Student Information - Applicant (parent/guardian) must complete this information for each child in your household you want considered to receive assistance from the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Fund.
    • 1. Student's first and last name:
    • 2. Student's age:
    • 3. Grade student will be entering in upcoming school year:
    • 4. Is this student a member of applicant's household?
    • 5. Name of school this student currently attends:
    • 6. Name of school where this student is applying for tuition funding for upcoming school year:
    • 7a. Annual tuition cost (ex: list in the following format - 1000) to attend school where this student is applying for tuition funding.
    • 7b. Total amount of other scholarship money (ex: list in the following format - 1000) this student is receiving to cover tuition costs for upcoming school year:
    • 8. Does this student have a disability?