Seidel Family Scholarship Fund (Gettysburg College attendees)

This scholarship is for current or former Berks County, Pennsylvania, residents who are currently enrolled at and attending Gettysburg College for any pre-law related course of study. Applicants must have completed at least one complete semester of their freshman year at Gettysburg College at time of application, and plan to matriculate for their sophomore, junior or senior year at Gettysburg College. This scholarship is not available to students entering their freshman year at Gettysburg College.

This scholarship is also available to students who are or will be attending Penn State Dickinson Law in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. See the Seidel Family Scholarship Fund (Penn State Dickinson Law) application, if applicable.

All applicants must have lived in Berks County for at least two consecutive years during their secondary school years.

Scholarships will be awarded based on all-around qualified candidates, not primarily on grades alone, with a preference to Penn State Dickinson Law applicants.

To be considered for this scholarship, submit this application between January 15th and June 1st. All applicants will be notified in July.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must click the Sign Up button in the top right corner to create an account. If you already established an account, click Sign In to proceed with applying for a scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you live in Berks County, PA, for at least two consecutive years during your secondary school years?
  2. How long have you lived in Berks County or had you lived in Berks County?
  3. Explain your affiliation with Berks County which explains how you qualify for this scholarship.
  4. Are you currently enrolled as a student at Gettysburg College?
  5. Select your NEXT year of study at Gettysburg College.
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