Sweet Street Desserts Scholarship Fund

The Sweet Street Desserts Scholarship Fund is for children of Sweet Street Desserts’ employees. Sweet Street employees must have been employed at Sweet Street Desserts for a minimum of one year in order for their child to be eligible to apply, and must be active, non-union employees at the time of the child’s award.

Scholarships are provided for 4-year academic pursuits, and for vocational/technical education. Children of Sweet Street Desserts, Inc. employees are eligible to apply as long as they are pursuing an education after high school as full-time students at a 4-year college or university to pursue a 4-year degree, or as full-time students at a vocational, technical, computer, trade school or community college to pursue a vocational or technical education.

All applicants must intend to maintain full-time student status in school, have demonstrated academic success, be actively involved in school and community activities, and have a financial need. Preference will be given to high school seniors.

Applicants shall exhibit a strong commitment to academic achievement, or demonstrate a special talent in the vocational or technical area. The intent is to acknowledge and encourage those individuals who have demonstrated a level of personal responsibility necessary to attend and succeed in a continuing educational institution.

To be considered for this scholarship, submit this application between January 15th and March 15th. All applicants will be notified in May.

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3 @ $8,000, 2 @ $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Is your parent or legal guardian an active, non-union employee of Sweet Street Desserts and been employed with the company for a minimum of one year?
  2. Name of parent employed at Sweet Street Desserts.
  3. Parent's Sweet Street hire date.
  4. Will you be a full-time student in college?
  5. Select the type or degree of education you are pursuing.
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